Pugs in wow and why they make me sad

Over the past few months, I have run a lot of pugs. The dungeon finder system has allowed me to run almost constantly if I desired it. As you can guess, my main toon is a tank. A pally tank at that. As I am one of my guilds tanks for 25 man content, my gear is solid and almost every run I’m in has a very high chance of success. The only time I’ve run Halls of Reflection it was with an elemental specced shaman in half blues healing. We had 1 death during the Arthas encounter. So I know what I’m doing as a tank.

 However, it seems like every time I start a pug, there is at least one mouth-breather in the group. One person who has no idea how to play there class, and just makes your ears want to bleed. Some lucky runs include two of these fantastic individuals.

 For example, I ran a pug the other night on my alt (shadow priest) with a shammy healer from my guild. We queued up and ended up in Heroic Nexus. It is a pretty easy run, I could probably two man it on my tank with the healer, so not a big deal. However we had two individuals that fit this description to just make the run as long as possible.

 The first guy played a Warlock. He was half in teir 9 and half in blues. So a relatively new 80. However, he was putting out a brisk 1000 dps. On aoe packs. He apparently though shadowbolt was an excellent aoe spell. Also, as an affliction lock apparently dots are not a major source of dps on boss fights.

 About halfway through the run he died for no apparent reason, and released. We could not find his corpse so he could not be rezzed. During the 15 minute run back to where we were he admitted that he was on the phone, but now he’s off. I thought that hey, he was  rude for joining a run and half-assing it, but his dps will improve and we’ll get thru this a bit quicker. However the guy did not improve at all. I give him credit for playing just as well on or off the phone, however when that is 1000 dps, not really a credit worthy skill. My level 74 hunter has put out 1100 dps in 5 mans. I repeat – MY LEVEL 74 HUNTER PUT OUT 1100 DPS IN 5 MANS! Absolutely pathetic.

And this guy had much better dps than the next.

 700 dps is pretty good for BC content. However at level 80, this is a bit lacking. Especially on aoe packs. The warrior that joined us on this run however, thought that this was more than sufficient. He also thought that you only need 2 abilites as a fury warrior. I check recount and the majority of his dps was from melee, the remainder was from the occasional slam or whirlwind. That is it.

 I wish I would have screen-shotted the dps meter, but I was so frustrated that I logged off after the run. Should I have kicked the guy? Definitely. Why didn’t I start a vote kick? Really, I just wanted to see if they improved at all. However, they did not and I got my 2 frost badges for the day. In the end it took about 10 minutes for than normal. Not a big deal, but it just impresses me that there are that many people out there that have no idea how to do well at something after leveling to 80. Sure, some may have bought accounts, but honestly, the majority don’t. The majority just have no idea how to play.

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