Difficult fights to tank

I read an artical recently on the most difficult fights to heal (I think Matticus wrote it) and got me to thinking what were the most difficult fights to tank that I have run across.

I’ve tanked most content since BC except for Sunwell. In Vanilla I was a hunter as I have previously mentioned, so I don’t have the background to talk about tanking difficulty back then. But in the time I have tanked, I’ve run across 3 main types of tanking skill levels for bosses.

Level 1 – Fights where it doesn’t matter who’s tanking as long as gear is at a minimum – These are fights where anyone can really step in an take a hit as long as they have some tanking gear. The only skill is standing there and running a threat rotation. Fights like Faerlina and Maexxna in Naxx, main tanking XT in Ulduar – Gruul, Void Reaver, half the bosses in Kara, ect.

Level 2 – Where there is some need for tanking competency combined with the gear. Basically, can you taunt the boss/adds at the correct time, and make minor movement adjustments. Not a very large skill increase, but in these fights it would be appearant if the tank made a mistake – Thaddius, Thorim (boss), The bear boss in ZA, and I’d even call the Four Horsemen in Naxx a level 2 fight for tanks – run across the room and taunt at a certain debuff level- no biggie.

Level 3 – Where the competency of the tanks controls weather or not your beating the boss – This is the level where you will have large amounts of adds to deal with, complicated movement, and/or various special occurances that need dealt with. Fights such as Gothik the Harvester (Phase 1), Gluth kiting, 3-drake sarth, Alar add duty, Keal’thas Sunstrider, Fire Resist tanks on Illidan, Reliquary of Souls (the phases where tanking is involved).

Obviously, some people will disagree with my assessment, and there is a lot pre-bc I havn’t done at level, so I don’t have the perspective on early fights. I’ll be delving into a few of these fights in the near future and discussing why I find them to be especially challenging.


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