ICC tanking and not falling asleep – Part 1!

I raid late. It happens. My schedule used to have me up to 4am est and raiding from 11:30pm to 2-230am wasn’t a big deal.  Now I raid then immediatly hop into bed.  So now, with my slightly earlier schedule, it is easier to be really tired by the time the raid is wrapping up.  Fortunatly, for my raid group, the fights in ICC are interesting enough to keep me awake.

I’ve only cleared 6 guys in ICC to this point and attempted 7 (I went on my alt priest as a healer to attempt Valithria Dreamwalker – no success, but a really fun fight.) But the bosses I have done actually make the tank perform.

For example:

Morrowgar – Tanks have to continually reposition and stack not the most difficult of fights, but engaging – Level 2

Lady Deathwisper – Tanks have to gain control of several adds at a time,  sometimes kite adds, and run a taunt rotation on phase 2.  Once again a level 2 fight.

Gunship Battle – One tank jumps over and grabs the enemy commander then jumps back. The other tanks grab adds.  Even with the requirement of using the jetpack this really is a Level 1 tanking fight.  Nothing remotely difficult even for a very new tank.

Deathbringer Saurfang – Tanks have to taunt off each other when one gets a debuff otherwise Saurfang heals. Watch aoe when bloodbeast spawn – That is the whole fight. Due to the importance of the taunting this would be a level 2 fight.

Festergut – Now this guy hits hard! I have been hit by him for over 30k when he has inhaled all of the gas in the room. Definatly a gear check. But also a skill check. When you are getting crushed for huge hits are your cooldowns ready for it? Are you helping out the other tank who is getting crushed for those hits? As a paladin, when the other tank on this fight is tanking the boss after 3 inhales I drop a Hand of Sacrifice on him to lessen the blows, as well as when the raid gets hit with Pungent Blight, I drop Divine Sacrifice to lessen raid damage by 20%, which will keep raid members alive if they missed a spore for any reason.

 He drops a stacking buff on you that increases the damage the tank does by 10% per stack. But at 10 stacks you blow up and basically wipe the raid.  Due to this being a dps race, as the tank, you want 9 stacks so that you can optimize dps.  At 9 stacks the other tank taunts off. What makes this interesting is that once you are taunted off of you need to stop producing threat so you don’t steal aggro – get your 10th debuff – and wipe the raid.  But you want to drop as much dps on the boss as possible. Leaving your tanking “stance” is necessary. Also, a Hand of Salvation can really allow  you to open up right at the onset.  Due to the importance of the tank in this fight, I would rank this a level 3 tanking fight.

Rotface – If your tanking the boss, this is a level 1 fight – stand there – run your rotation. If your kiting the add, this becomes a level 3 fight. You have to be close enough to the large ooze to keep aggro on it, however you need to be far enough away to not get hit for huge amounts of damage.  Also, keeping awareness of the room with the slime pulls keeps you on your toes.

As I try out new bosses, I’ll bring out part 2!


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