Paladin Abilities you are not using – Sense Undead

Every class has a few abilities that just are not used very much. For example, my hunter alt probably used aspect of the beast maybe twice while leveling on a PVP server. Overall however, in the PVE game, where else would you use this? To raise melee damage?

Paladins have a few of these underutilized abilities. Some are not used at level 80 because they are replaced. Some are not used during the leveling process and forgot about.

One such ability is Sense Undead. This ability was one that paladins recieve at level 20, however, for the longest time, just don’t use, especially if they have a gathering profession, as tracking herbs/ore turns off Sense Undead. All it does is mark any undead nearby on the minimap with a red dot. A minor glyph buffs this ability to grant an additional 1% damage vs. undead. Unglyphed this has limited functionality.

Around level 20, there are not a lot of undead mobs outside of instances.  There are a few, but not an exceptionally large amount. Some in Duskwood, and some most likley in the Blood Elf starting region (never played it, but I’ve been to the zone, I’m sure there are some there). I know that during my leveling experience, the need to know where undead were was not something that came up.

The unglyphed ability is useful primarily for Prot paladins as a tool for pulling, allowing them to know the location of patrols. I have found this especially useful for pulling the dog mini-bosses in ICC. However, if your not a tank, your not supposed to be pulling. Ret gets some use from the glyph for extra dps, but if you level ret (which used to be the primary way to level a pally) once again your not pulling.

I remember using this ability to a limited extent when running Kara at level 70, as a few of the mobs were undead, especially on the lower levels of the instance. Also, this would have been useful for a pally tank at level 60, but there really wern’t pally tanks at level 60. Elsewehere it had little use.

If this ability didn’t have the minor glyph that buffed damage against undead, most paladins still wouldn’t be using it.


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