I’m a Ninja!

I have several toons I play – a max level paladin, a priest, a mid 70’s hunter I can’t bring myself to level up, and a rogue.

I actually have 2 rogues on my account, both on the same realm. I leveled the first to level 18, and there he sits. I didn’t like him, so I didn’t play him. I liked his name, Slovotsky (a favorite character from a series of novels I used to read), but I didn’t like him. He looked similar to my Paladin. He was a human, who I specced into the combat tree. He sits in the inn in Lakeshire, and probably will until I delete him.

However, I shortly therafter created a new rogue. This one I liked. He is a dwarf. There really are very few dwarf rogues so I named him Rarity. And I like him. I leveled him to 18 as combat, then decided I wanted to feel more “Roguey” so I respecced to a Sublety build. I absolutly love it. I’m level 25 now and find myself playing him more.

Stealth is amazingly fun. I glyphed ambush for increased ranged. I glyphed pick pockets for increased ranged. I specced Dirty Tricks for increased sap range. I’m a freaking ninja and love it.


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