Chase items

Ever have any items that just refuse to drop? At various points in time I have had a few. In kara my chase drop was the Sherminar Great Ring. I never saw it drop in the 9 or so months I ran Kara across 2 toons. I have never seen a tank wear one. I honestly think it was something someone made up and wowhead believed it.

My new chase item is Lavanthor’s Talisman. I know…a 200 level blue. But it is necessary for the block rating gimmick set (look at if you need to know why this is important.)  I no longer am working towards killing herioc Anub where this set would be useful, however I still want the trinket. It is the only piece I need to finish the set. And damn it all, I will go back to heroic Anub when I complete this set.

The thing that kills me about this trinket is that I already had it. You heard right. I got it probably my first run and kept it in my bank for a few months. Never used it and eventually sold it near the end of Naxx. Then 3.2 came and with it the need for an unhittable set. So I began to run Heroic VH when I could. However, Lavanthor never seemed to show up. I kept getting everyone else in there but him. And on the off chance that Lavanthor did show, he’d drop his axe or his boots.  I have fought him at least 6 or seven times I think, and every time its one of those two. And he only has 3 drops!

To add insult to injury, it seems that every scrub tank I run into while playing on my priest has the thing. And I know very well that when they get ANYTHING else, they will replace it.

Someday Lavanthor…someday…


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