Evil Plan – or how I want to scare those that deserve it.

I have a new evil plan for running heroics with random pugs.

I am going to attempt to build a set of gear with the lowest amount of hit points that I can. However, I want the avoidance of a ninja. How am I going to do this? Not sure yet, but I feel like a challenge.

Obviously, I’m going to need to dump my stam trinkets. Probably throw on the dodge trinket from TOC10 and the Ony Trinket – Also, I’m going to start gathering up my old raid gear from the bank and regem it all avoidance.  Unfortunatly that gear all has a nice bit of stam included, so I may need to throw in some blue pieces I’ll craft to get it sufficiently down.  I may need to rely on shield block rating as well, but we’ll see if that is neccesary.

The goal of this set will be to have sufficient survivability while maintaining a low health pool to scare pugs. My normal set has me over 50k raid buffed. I’d like to join pugs sitting around 25k with a huge amount of avoidance.


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