Blizzard’s New Leveling Gear

When removing the badges recieved at the end of Battlegrounds, Blizzard inadvertantly made aquiring leveling gear far easier that it formerly was.  Here is how:

1. All PVP items are now able to be purchased with honor alone.

2. You can get rediculous amounts of free honor in a BOA format by just turning in Stonekeeper shards when your faction controls Wintergrasp. And with running loads of heroics for badges on your main, you probably have a huge amount of the shards.

3. Transfer the honor to your alt – One of the items gives 2000 honor – not bad for 30 Stonekeeper shards.

4. Now, prepair to run. Its quite the haul, but get yourself to Ashenvale to the Warsong Gultch Vendor. I linked WowWiki instead of WowHead as for some reason WowHead did not have the items associated with the vendors. You can get your hands on the following items for a little bit of honor – Key items this guy has for a leveling toon: Rings, Trinkets, Wrist – the guy sells other stuff as well, however most of it won’t be needed by a properly BOA’d alt. The wrist slot is especially nice, it gives you an epic gear piece at level 40!

5. Next, head to the Arathi Highlands and talk the the vendor in your factions “town” – I use this loosly for Refuge Point. These items from the Arathi Vendor will enable your alt to pick up Boots/Belt when leveling. And the best part about the boots – they come with the run speed enchant baked in!

And as an FYI – don’t buy the legs/shoulders from those vendors. They are level 60 and you’ll get better stuff doing quest in Hellfire. Not to mention that the Battleground level 60 set is both equally as cheap, and looks far cooler!

On my Dwarf Rogue – Rarity – I picked up all the upgrades in advance – so I wouldn’t have to make the trips back in the future – especially to Ashenvale (I hate the run to that vendor alliance side- it’s in middle of nowhere) Even still it cost very little to get everything I needed from the vendor out there You could probably  do a trip out there with only using 4-5 badges.

Enjoy the upgrades!


One Response to “Blizzard’s New Leveling Gear”

  1. Meta Says:

    Hey Scotch, great tips! I will look into getting a leveling set for my lvl 32 prot pally (don’t laugh) asap! God knows I have hundreds of shards just sitting on Meta.

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