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Goals and such..

April 23, 2010

There are various goals that I have in game – such as –

1. Clearing ICC25 – This is where I’m putting my energy and I’d like to see it downed. It includes a much larger population of the guild than a 10 man and gives us the oppertunity to all work together. Plus the gear is awsome (not that I see it drop…lol)

 I’ve kind of lost touch with 10 man having to miss a few weeks. Now no one shows up for the nights we previously ran on so I only really see the first wing nowadays…its unfortunate because we had the quality of player to have it cleared rather quickly if we all showed.  I blame my schedule for this mostly.

2.  Build an strong PVE off-set. I’m a Paladin. I can have 2 different PVE off sets (3 if I feel like creating a flash of light and a holy light healing sets).  However I have a limited number of badges. I have to pick what I want to do.  Right now I’m leaning towards the 2 piece teir 10 healing bonus and fill in the gaps from there. As a plate wearer I’m sure that healing gear will start falling from the sky for free as we currently only have 3 raiding holy pallies and they are loaded with gear.

Long term stuff –

From there the goals get a bit hazy. I’d like a special mount or two. I’m talking either the Baron mount from undead strat or one of the ZG mounts – in particular the Tiger. I can solo all of that, however the motivation to head to ZG is a bit lacking.

I’d like to also complete SSC/TK. I only need the end bosses of both of those instances. I’d also like the Phoenix mount, but that would be a roll scenario as there is no way to solo 25 man Keal. 

I’d like to get back into Arena as well. I used to run quite a bit of it, but I stopped playing it seriously a while back. My PVP healing set is currently sitting around 800 resil so it wouldn’t be a steep jump back in.

3. Win the fishing tournament – I don’t play on the weekends during the afternoon. I almost never have a chance of this. The closest I have ever been was 39 fish on the Sunday tournament, when the winner was announced (it was someone I knew – damn you Chibby!)

Crazy goals I’ll never have –

1. The Insane. – I just don’t have this kind of time. If I did, I would probably have it already, but life has other things in store for me.

2.  I’d like 100 mounts – but that is most likely not happening any time soon. I just got to 50 and I could easily get to 65-70. There is where I’d start hitting some speed bumps. Plus I don’t want to spend my hard earned gold on the crazy mounts. But a Travelers Tundra Mammoth would be awsome for leveling…I may have to re-evaluate.

3. Salty – Once again time. I would work on this if I could win the fishing tourney – but that will never happen.

4. A Mimron’s Head mound – maybe at 85…maybe…


People who blog talk about the same stuff – and tank capping!

April 22, 2010

Yes – I didn’t post about the paladin changes.

Why?- Because they will change again. Sure, some of the changes will go live, but sans the details they don’t matter.

Also, I have nothing to say about shiny horse – I’m not on my mount enough to care about them.

I am however interested in the tanking gear cap for normal ICC 25 – currently I’m running the optimal effective health set for 25 man content sans the badge belt. I know the badge belt is a better effective health piece, however I can’t bring myself to buy it.

Why? Because it doesn’t seem to matter at this point. I have 10% more health than my gear allows due to the ICC buff. Healers have a 10% healing bonus. Bubbles absorb 10% more. So instead I keep the belt dropped from 25 man Festergut. It’s in no way a bad piece just not optimal. But it doesn’t matter. The only fight where tank death was an issue so far was….wait for it – 25 man Festergut! He hits hard on 3 inhales – but really, I was geared enough before getting the belt he drops, so I don’t need more gear to continue downing him.

If we do hard modes, will I pick it up? Definitely. But not before then.

I want new gear

April 14, 2010

I want new gear. However, the bosses we are facing don’t have much for me. I need the following from the first 7 guys:



Thats it. Bracers from the first boss in ICC 25, and a neck from Rotface. That is all I can look forward to until we get some progression. Blood Queen has a shield that looks amazing. Putricide holds a sweet mace. The dragons have a ring, boots, and trinket. However, we need progression!

So I must wait patiently for gear. Hopefully, this week will be our week when it comes to killing a new boss!

Pugs and the reason why I used to not run them.

April 14, 2010

I used to not run pugs. Why? Random people tend to be rude.

Example –

I ran a heroic Drak’theron keep the other day. Used the dungeon finder, got a decent group. Downed the place in a reasonable time- probably about 16-17 minutes. However at the end of the run, one of the dps (a lock putting out 3k dps overall) said this:

“Not a bad run, but the pulling was slow”

I am a tank. I pull at a pace where I am comfortable. The healer wasn’t the most geared priest in the world. I was not going to test him. Sure the place isn’t hard, and god knows I could probably pull rooms at a time, however I didn’t know him. I am not going to potentially wipe a run just because a lock thinks I’m slow.

I was really offended by the comment. Spoiled dps – back in my day we had to walk uphill both ways sheeping mobs while we did so!

Busy – and what I’ve been up to!

April 12, 2010

I’ve been busy with a bunch of RL stuff, but here is what I’ve been up to in game –

1. Cleared 7 bosses in 25 man ICC in one night -then no one showed for our second raid night. If progression night attendance keeps being that low, it might be worth it to extend the raid id so we can progress on Tuesday instead…most people have sufficient gear for the content anyway.

2. Cleared 4 bosses in ICC 10 this week. We’ve been further, and hopefully tonight we’ll get some more down. We are continuing the lockout this week.

3. Raided both 10 man and 25 man ICC on my priest for the first time. 10 man 4 guys dropped and Festgut ate our tanks. 25 man we got the Raid quest for Lady Deathwisper which turned it into a series of wipes which I didn’t have time for (date night with the wife!).

A dps in ICC is not as easy as TOC. I havn’t really put a lot of raid time in as a DPS since Vanilla other than some work in TOC on my priest and my hunter back during Kara/Gruuls Lair. Being aware of environmental dangers combined with running a rotation I was not 100% comfortable with let to my dps not being where I wanted it to be. I’ll need to get comfortable with the rotation more to really see improvement. My tanking roatation is super easy for me now – don’t have to think about it – thats where my dps rotation needs to be for me to get more out of my gear.

4. Got the Noblegarden holiday accomplished – I’ll go into detail on this later in the week, but my god, dedicating 2 hours on Monday just opening eggs seems a bit much. 1 more holiday to go (and boy does the pvp achievement in childrens week seem evil).