Busy – and what I’ve been up to!

I’ve been busy with a bunch of RL stuff, but here is what I’ve been up to in game –

1. Cleared 7 bosses in 25 man ICC in one night -then no one showed for our second raid night. If progression night attendance keeps being that low, it might be worth it to extend the raid id so we can progress on Tuesday instead…most people have sufficient gear for the content anyway.

2. Cleared 4 bosses in ICC 10 this week. We’ve been further, and hopefully tonight we’ll get some more down. We are continuing the lockout this week.

3. Raided both 10 man and 25 man ICC on my priest for the first time. 10 man 4 guys dropped and Festgut ate our tanks. 25 man we got the Raid quest for Lady Deathwisper which turned it into a series of wipes which I didn’t have time for (date night with the wife!).

A dps in ICC is not as easy as TOC. I havn’t really put a lot of raid time in as a DPS since Vanilla other than some work in TOC on my priest and my hunter back during Kara/Gruuls Lair. Being aware of environmental dangers combined with running a rotation I was not 100% comfortable with let to my dps not being where I wanted it to be. I’ll need to get comfortable with the rotation more to really see improvement. My tanking roatation is super easy for me now – don’t have to think about it – thats where my dps rotation needs to be for me to get more out of my gear.

4. Got the Noblegarden holiday accomplished – I’ll go into detail on this later in the week, but my god, dedicating 2 hours on Monday just opening eggs seems a bit much. 1 more holiday to go (and boy does the pvp achievement in childrens week seem evil).


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