Pugs and the reason why I used to not run them.

I used to not run pugs. Why? Random people tend to be rude.

Example –

I ran a heroic Drak’theron keep the other day. Used the dungeon finder, got a decent group. Downed the place in a reasonable time- probably about 16-17 minutes. However at the end of the run, one of the dps (a lock putting out 3k dps overall) said this:

“Not a bad run, but the pulling was slow”

I am a tank. I pull at a pace where I am comfortable. The healer wasn’t the most geared priest in the world. I was not going to test him. Sure the place isn’t hard, and god knows I could probably pull rooms at a time, however I didn’t know him. I am not going to potentially wipe a run just because a lock thinks I’m slow.

I was really offended by the comment. Spoiled dps – back in my day we had to walk uphill both ways sheeping mobs while we did so!


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