People who blog talk about the same stuff – and tank capping!

Yes – I didn’t post about the paladin changes.

Why?- Because they will change again. Sure, some of the changes will go live, but sans the details they don’t matter.

Also, I have nothing to say about shiny horse – I’m not on my mount enough to care about them.

I am however interested in the tanking gear cap for normal ICC 25 – currently I’m running the optimal effective health set for 25 man content sans the badge belt. I know the badge belt is a better effective health piece, however I can’t bring myself to buy it.

Why? Because it doesn’t seem to matter at this point. I have 10% more health than my gear allows due to the ICC buff. Healers have a 10% healing bonus. Bubbles absorb 10% more. So instead I keep the belt dropped from 25 man Festergut. It’s in no way a bad piece just not optimal. But it doesn’t matter. The only fight where tank death was an issue so far was….wait for it – 25 man Festergut! He hits hard on 3 inhales – but really, I was geared enough before getting the belt he drops, so I don’t need more gear to continue downing him.

If we do hard modes, will I pick it up? Definitely. But not before then.

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