Goals and such..

There are various goals that I have in game – such as –

1. Clearing ICC25 – This is where I’m putting my energy and I’d like to see it downed. It includes a much larger population of the guild than a 10 man and gives us the oppertunity to all work together. Plus the gear is awsome (not that I see it drop…lol)

 I’ve kind of lost touch with 10 man having to miss a few weeks. Now no one shows up for the nights we previously ran on so I only really see the first wing nowadays…its unfortunate because we had the quality of player to have it cleared rather quickly if we all showed.  I blame my schedule for this mostly.

2.  Build an strong PVE off-set. I’m a Paladin. I can have 2 different PVE off sets (3 if I feel like creating a flash of light and a holy light healing sets).  However I have a limited number of badges. I have to pick what I want to do.  Right now I’m leaning towards the 2 piece teir 10 healing bonus and fill in the gaps from there. As a plate wearer I’m sure that healing gear will start falling from the sky for free as we currently only have 3 raiding holy pallies and they are loaded with gear.

Long term stuff –

From there the goals get a bit hazy. I’d like a special mount or two. I’m talking either the Baron mount from undead strat or one of the ZG mounts – in particular the Tiger. I can solo all of that, however the motivation to head to ZG is a bit lacking.

I’d like to also complete SSC/TK. I only need the end bosses of both of those instances. I’d also like the Phoenix mount, but that would be a roll scenario as there is no way to solo 25 man Keal. 

I’d like to get back into Arena as well. I used to run quite a bit of it, but I stopped playing it seriously a while back. My PVP healing set is currently sitting around 800 resil so it wouldn’t be a steep jump back in.

3. Win the fishing tournament – I don’t play on the weekends during the afternoon. I almost never have a chance of this. The closest I have ever been was 39 fish on the Sunday tournament, when the winner was announced (it was someone I knew – damn you Chibby!)

Crazy goals I’ll never have –

1. The Insane. – I just don’t have this kind of time. If I did, I would probably have it already, but life has other things in store for me.

2.  I’d like 100 mounts – but that is most likely not happening any time soon. I just got to 50 and I could easily get to 65-70. There is where I’d start hitting some speed bumps. Plus I don’t want to spend my hard earned gold on the crazy mounts. But a Travelers Tundra Mammoth would be awsome for leveling…I may have to re-evaluate.

3. Salty – Once again time. I would work on this if I could win the fishing tourney – but that will never happen.

4. A Mimron’s Head mound – maybe at 85…maybe…


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