Raid Loot Distribution – Fair Distribution in a Roll System

Part of being a raid leader involves loot distribution. This is often the part of raiding that can cause the most drama.  Lets say we are in a guild run 10 man where there is no loot system being used so we’re going with a straight roll.  Let’s look at some Scenarios.

1. A staff drops with spirit and spell power.  Three people roll on it. One is a holy priest. One is a warlock. And the final person is a Elemental Shaman. The shaman wins the roll with the priest coming in second. What do you do?

2. A Bow drops with agility, attack power, and armor penetration. This is rolled on by a hunter, a rogue, and a warrior. The roll is won by the rogue, and the second highest roll was the warrior. Who gets the bow?

Lets take a look at some of the questions that should be asked in the above scenarios.

In scenario 1 the staff is a 251 staff – The Priest is currently rocking a 264 MH and a 251 OH and The lock has a different 251 staff. The shaman however has had terrible drops from the ICC 5 instaces and still is using a 219 caster weapon with a 200 OH from Inscription. 

In this case as the master looter I would evaluate the situation. Obviously the staff isn’t the best item for the shaman to grab. It has a stat entirely wasted on him with the spirit. However it will be the biggest upgrade for the raid as a whole. The shaman would get a more signifigant gain right away from the staff, although the shaman would also most likely take an upgrade immediatly on the item as well. There may be a reason why the priest is rolling on the staff having similar and possibly superior items with a 264 item level.  Possibly the priest current items have hit on them and the staff is better itemized. The lock having come in last should really be out of the running. With the merit of winning the roll as well as falling far behind in the item slot, I would be inclined to give the item to the shaman, short of there being additional evidence that the priest needed it for main spec for a particular reason.

In the second scenario the bow is a 264 piece from heroic ICC. All three of the people rolling on it are currently using a 245 ranged weapon. In this scenario there is no way I would give the bow to either of the Melee classes. Why? because to both of them it is a stat stick. To the hunter, its their primary weapon. It would benifit the hunter far more than either of the other toons.

So what do I look for in general when passing out loot?

1. What slot does the item fit into? I want the item to get the most use and that means giving the item to a class that will get more out of it.  Don’t give a hunter a melee weapon when a melee toon needs it. The melee toon will hit things with it – the hunter will get a slight stat increase.  Don’t give a warrior a gun that can be used by a Hunter – same deal.

2. What is the primary armor type of the recipient? Don’t give the holy pally cloth when a clothy needs it.  If the clothy doesn’t need it then I open it up to other armor types. This also prevents wasted loot. Lets say we did give the pally the cloth piece that dropped. What happens when the plate spell power piece drops from the next boss? The clothy can’t wear it. However the pally will pick that up too. The pally gets almost the same stats from either piece and the clothy stays the same. That is not helping the raid compared to each getting an item.

3. What is the user currently wearing? If an item is a slight stat allocation for one player, and the second player would be upgrading from a crafted 200 level piece to a 264 piece, its more beneficial to the raid as a whole to have the second guy get the upgrade. However, in this case it is far better to have both parties agree to it. I would never pass an upgrade to one player over another when the won the roll if it, but I would mention it!  This really only can be used with guild groups.  Pugs would flip out of they won a roll and didn’t get an item because it was a bigger upgrade to someone else.

To really get the most out of your drops, you need to be knowledgable of class mechanics…all class mechanics.  Know what stats benifit classes.

To keep your job you need to be fair.  Especially if your working with a pugs.  One mistake and your reputation is down the tubes.

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