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Potential Paladin Glyph Changes

June 19, 2010

I was reading the post over at Blessing of Kings about potential candidates for Paladin medium glyphs, and wanted to take it a step further.  I want to attempt to predict what a few of these glyphs would look like. There is a lot of potential for paladin glyphs that I felt went to waste in Wrath, and I feel making a few of these changes could really make the system more dynamic.

Moves to Medium Glyphs

1. The current glyph of turn evil would move to a medium glyph slot. Other than vs. warlocks/DK’s in PVP this spell gets virtually no use.

2.  Ditto to Hammer of Justice. It is potentially useful for PVP – I cannot think of a location that this would be exceptionally advantageous in PVE other than for Saurfang adds chasing someone else.

3. Move the Glyph of Lay on Hands from a Minor to a Medium Glyph – This is not worthy of a minor glyph slot but is better than virtually every other Minor glyph available to paladins and seems to fit the goal of the medium glyph slot.

4. Glyph of Divine Storm would move from Major to Medium. As it also performs a minor function compared to other glyphs (a raise to a very minor healing amount) this also could easily be moved to a medium.

5. Change the effect of Glyph of Salvation from a damage reduction cooldown to a medium glyph that reduces the amount of threat on the target by 5-10% more.

Potential glyph changes

1. Change the Glyph of Salvation to the Glyph of Sacrifice. The glyph still maintains the damage reduction aspect but is not applied to the Hand of Sacrifice. This changes an overall very situational damage reduction glyph (due to the threat reduction) into a potentially powerful tank cooldown (which other than the low-end physical reduction offered by Improved Lay on Hands, Paladin Healers lack).

2. Glyph of Seal of Light/Seal of Wisdom – If they don’t want to make this a talent, they could always combine the effects on one glyph. One or the other is already a must have for pallys, however, this would allow a simple change of seal during a fight to allow the paladin to be more reactive to the situation.

3.  Glyph of Seal of Righteousness could potentially change to one of the following

A. 25% of the damage done by this seal is applied as healing to the three lowest health raid members withing 10 yards

B. When this seal is active it raises the paladin’s haste by 5% (or crit, or whatever really – this is now a holy seal, might as well get them some use out of it)

Potential new glyphs

1. Implementation of a Glyph of Divine Intervention – also for the Medium slot. Some potential uses of this glyph

A. Divine intervention can now be cast on yourself. It does not kill you when cast on yourself, however it cost 3 Reagents.

B. Divine Intervention no longer kills you when cast. It now cost 50% of your maximum health. If this would reduce your health below 0%, it will kill you.

C. (As a minor glyph) – This glyph would remove the reagent cost of Divine Intervention. (I’d use this right now if it was available!)

2. Glyph of Seal of Justice – This would be a medium glyph

This glyph as a couple of potential incarnations

A. This seal now has a damage component – Possibly half of the damage of Seal of Righteousness.

B. Judgements applied while this seal is active have a 20% change of applying the stun effect

C. The stun applied by this seal is no longer affected by diminishing returns.

3. Glyph of the Charger – One of the uses of the minor glyphs is to change the look of spells. Why not create a glyph that changes the charger into a flying mount – slap some wings on the horse and its ready to go! A similar glyph could be used for the warlock mount.

4. And finally a new minor glyph – the Glyph of Teir 5 – This glyph will make all of your armor light purple just so you can relive what it was like to be a paladin in BC! (Just kidding, I’m still getting over the awfulness of that set)


Updates – and Fish Domination

June 8, 2010

Today my guild is taking the first step towards progression in a while with continuing the raid lockout from the previous week. We had a few new raid members this past week so we did not down Blood Queen as normal, so she is up as well as our primary target Putrcide. I’d love to see Putricide die tonight. That would be a huge bump for Exile as a whole. Plus Blood Queen has my shield!

Also, this past week I won the Stanglethorn Fishing Contest. This has been one of my goals in game since I was  a newbie hunter doing quest to level to 60 for the first time.  On my old server (a pvp one) I tried it once, got no guild support, and got destroyed.  I don’t remember how many of the 40 required fish I caught, but somewhere around half seems right.

For me it is very rare to even try this as I am usually pretty busy on Sunday at 5pm (I’m east coast on a west coast server).  I didn’t try again till shortly before Wrath. I caught 36 fish when one of my guildmates at the time won it.  I then didn’t have the oppertunity to try it for several months. The next time I gave it an attempt I caught 38 fish when the winner was announced. 

So two attempts in almost as many years. But I had some free time this past weekend and logged in and remembered the tournament. As it was 15 minutes till the start time I flew to Booty Bay and set my hearth. I then hopped on my mount and rode north as fast as possible.

I went to the northwest area of the map by where there is a troll ruin. I cleared my bag space and turned on auto-loot. I set a keybind for fishing. I ensured I had crusader aura on for faster mounted speed (also in my base talents I have ret talent for increased movement speed).

The contest started. I found a pool right away that spawned 5 fish with no junk. I then mounted and moved to the next pool – 4 more fish!. A pool spawned slighly south, but there was someone there, I rode past – next pool – 2 more people – I kept going to the south. By Grom’gol there was a little island. I found 1 unoccupied pool by the shore, and 2 off the island. I fished the shore, then both on the island with no one around! I mounted to head back north, but then another spawned by the little island! I had 26 fish and it was 8 minutes into the contest!

This is when people from the south started to flood north. Most pools had at least 2 fishermen at them. I kept finding unoccupied pools though and went at them. Only twice did anyone try to fish my pools (same guy – some tauren…damn cows).

The last 14 fish took a lot longer than the first 26. I found a few and worked my way up to 38 fish. I knew time was running out. It was past 20 minutes since the start of the contest. I had to hurry it up.

So I started fishing a pool where someone already was. It was some troll (literally!) so I didn’t feel all that bad. I got lucky and was able to get the last two fish out of that pool. On the last cast I had my hearthstone ready and popped it as soon as number 40 was in the bag.

I ran out as fast as possible to the quest giver. As I talked to the quest goblin I noticed a gnome mage running up to him as well. I clicked as fast as I could thru the menu and selected my prize – The trinket that turns you into a fish! list the rewards. I honestly don’t fish enough to want the fishing rod, but if I find the time again to do this, it will be my next prize!

The, mage who was on my tail, whispered me afterward “Where you waiting here for someone before turning it or did I lose by 2 seconds???” I felt bad telling her the truth…it was indeed 2 seconds.  She ask me how many junk catches  I recieved. I told her 2 (I only did have 2 junk catches) – she had 14 and was right behind me…man I was lucky.

Never before when I earned an achievment did I get as many unsolicited whispers – “Where were you fishing?” – “How much competition did you have?” as well as the random grats.

Definatly something that was a unique experience. And unlike the northrend fishing contest, one that can be strategized.

Lavanthor’s Talisman!

June 2, 2010

I wrote about this trinket long ago stating that it was an item I just couldn’t get to drop.  Being my week (getting Hand of A’dal finally!) I of course picked it up in a daily herioc run!

With my Block Rating set now complete, I feel like running some TOGC to really put it thru it’s paces!