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Corrupted Ashbringer

July 28, 2010

I just read an article entitled “Gear as Enemy” over at Troll Racials are Overpowered – Give it a read. In it Klepsacovic talks about how it would be an interesting addition to have gear work against you – similar to the ring in The Lord of the Rings.

I remember one item that actually does that in WOW – the Corrupted Ashbringer. One of the effects of the sword is the will of the ashbringer. This literally makes you darker in color (not as dark as shadowform) and makes you hostile to the Argent Dawn (as well as friendly with the Scarlet Crusade). It also starts a cut scene in the SM Cathedral. You can watch it on You Tube and I would recommend doing so.

What is disappointing is that this weapon is no longer available. It dropped from the original Naxx 40 man. And not from an easy boss either (not that there were easy bosses there) – it dropped from the four horsemen. Very few people saw Naxx at 60. Even less downed the horsemen. And it was a random drop so not many people at all had a chance to see this personally.

I’d love to see a few more items like this. This is one of the few items that was not re-hashed in some way when the remade Naxx for level 80.


Hard fights to tank…ICC

July 26, 2010

At this point there really is a lack of difficult tanking fights in ICC. The add fights are simple – with 3 tanks gathering the adds on every fight takes minimal work. They don’t come quickly – like on Gothik the  Harvester. And the room isn’t massive, which increases the difficulty of being the only tank on A’lar adds.

Almost every fight in the place that I’ve experienced requires tanking competency, but nothing overly difficult.

Most fights really seem like a dps check. Can your dps move out of bad stuff? Can it get the proper buff at the right time? Can it withhold aoe abilities if needed? And can it kill the boss fast enought that bad things don’t start happening to the raid?

Most tank skill required by boss I’ve faced (*I’ve never faced Lich King*) – Most difficult at the top

1. Putricide – Kiting, quick taunt rotation, burst threat, driving an abomination – Probably the highest skill level required for a tank not counting Lick King (which I have no experience with)

2. Princes (if you are the tank that needs to grab orbs and build threat) – Build threat on your target – but oh yeah…you have to use a limited rotation so you don’t prematurally kill your orbs. And you have to quickly target and get threat on them. This is more difficult if you don’t have someone bringing them to you.

3. Rotface Ooze tank – The skill is required to properly kite, which is not a normal tanking skill. Also raid awareness to avoid the ooze puddles.

4. Sindragosa – Tank switches and dropping of debuffs.

5. Festergut – Tank Switches. Slightly more difficult than Saurfang because cooldowns are required.

6. Saurfang – Frequent Tank switches.

7. Lady Deathwhisper -adds with Tank Switches.

8. Dreamwalker – adds

9. Marrowgar – Tank Stacking with Movement

10. Gunship – infrequent adds – another tank has to jump and hold a guy for a few seconds

11. Blood Queen – Grab her and stand there. Off tank stacks – very minimal movement away from fire.

12. Princes – (either of the other 2 tanks) grab a guy and stand there

13. Rotface – (non-add tank) Move during an ooze explosion or a slime spray…slightly.

For a tank, this place is a pushover compared to earlier encounters. Of course this is my own opinion – what would you change about my order?

Last Word

July 25, 2010

With my guilds first kill on 25 Putricide, I finally landed a worthwhile tanking drop for the first time in months. Per the title I’m sure you already discovered that it was Last Word.

I’ve been waiting for a drop for quite some time. I finally broke down and bid on a Bloodvenom Blade on Tuesday as a threat option. I got it enchanted Thursday before raid and the first boss we down gives me an upgrade…amusing.

Still waiting on the BQ shield, and I’d love the ring from Dreamwalker. Other than that I’d only use the trinket from Sind and the Lich King’s tanking mace. Then I’m done with ICC!

Noob Number!

July 23, 2010

What is your guilds Noob Number? Mine is 30.

30% to be more specific. This is the Icecrown buff percentage needed for us to faceroll Blood Queen and Putricide.

Sure we killed BQ at 20% buff, but since then we’ve had turnover and a few of the dps just can’t perform to the level of those that are no longer showing up.  Honestly, with the group that was previously killing Blood Queen we could have probably eventually taken out the instance at 20% – but then attendance dropped and our noob number was raised from 20 to 30!

The last week the buff was at 25% we couldn’t kill BQ because at least one person was mentally incapable of biting correctly. Now at 30% buff we had 2 people get MC’ed and I was disconnected for the majority of the fight and we still downed her in one try. Doesn’t say much for our overall skill unfortunatly. It’s too bad too because we have 15-18 players currently who could sub into a hard mode guild and no one would be the wiser. However the lower end is so bad that we’re still suffering. But thanks to the ICC buff, even we may have the chance to get LK down.


July 21, 2010

I’ve found a new joy in playing my hunter – I have him up to level 77 now and am looking forward to maxing him out.

Currently I’m leveling as BM – I used to change over to Survival for instances but now i’m running strickly BM until 80. Then I’m considering going main spec marksman. I played my hunter all thru vanilla where I leveled BM (mostly because it was the tree the talents opened up to and I didn’t know there were others!) and raided as survival (I know – Marksman was top dps – whats wrong with me!?!?!?)

I went back to BM when I played him part time in BC – it was best – easy as that.

Now I think I’m ready for marksman. I’ve never been marksman but I’d like to finally give it a try.

New talent trees

July 20, 2010

I’m following the new talent trees closely – I’m not going to comment on them other than I’m concerned with losing some utility tanking talents, such as Hand of Freedom, Cleanse, and seal of command.

Hopefully we will get some updates soon on  more complete Paladin trees.

Scotch’s WOW BINGE – Saturday July 24th

July 19, 2010

My wife going to visit her friend a few hours away to help out with her baby while as her husband’s unit just got shipped out.  So I’ve decided to have a WOW binge night. I havn’t done this in a few years actually. She’ll leave in the morning and come back the next day so I’m planning on rocking out a WOW day.

Perhaps I should be glad she doesn’t leave too much…lol

But the question is what should I do? My choices:

1. Do an Ulduar 10 hard mode night – I did this one time the week before ICC – and we cleared up to Thorim on hard mode. And that was with a mix of 232 and 245 gear – we have 251/264 stuff . We should stomp it and with some work on Yogg mechanics could potentially get some drakes.

2. Do an ICC10 Burndown. With that much time we should get to Lich King and get some good work in on him. We’d need a solid crew like I had on Thursday, but this is also a viable choice.

3. Clear BWL – We’d need probably a minimum of 6 people for this but its a good time – get some people some teir 2!

4. Do 2v2 till I have a respectable team. My priest would need a solid partner but I’d like to get a decent team with a decent ranking

What do you think I should do?

A weak week

July 19, 2010

An unfortunalty poor week raiding…Cleared 5 bosses on Tuesday (first wing plus blood princes) – 17 showed up on Thursday and I couldn’t get on in time for raid on Sunday but it didn’t go again due to attendance. Its killer that we have the people to clear the instance (I strongly believe that) but we only get a few of them on any given day. There doesn’t seem to be a day where we can get everyone online to consistantly down bosses.

My plan to continue a raid lockout would be successful if we could get people to even show up on Tuesday. We’re struggling on that day as well. We downed BQ with a 20% buff now we can’t do it with 25%…something is very wrong.

What I did on the other days –

Thursday – Formed up an ICC10 – downed 9 bosses – cleared plauge and blood wings with only 3 wipes on putricide.  We even carried a shaman who dinged 80 that day. He was putting out 3-4k dps. It really shows the contrast of a good player from a bad.  A excellent 10 man night – come the expansion this really puts running 10 mans exclusivly in a very favorable light.

Sunday – logged on an hour late – no raid happened. But some guildies were running MC – so I logged onto my priest to join in – I’ve been wanting the Eye of Divinity for a while. However I found that I wasn’t attuned. This is the one toon that I apperently didn’t do the attunement on. So I decided to run in avoid mobs and click on the attunement. This however failed as I also apperently didn’t get the key on this guy. I was about to give up on it when I remembered that I had the brewfest remote that would port me to the bar! I was in MC within 5 minutes.

Cleared the whole instance in under an hour – got a few drops including the iconic Teir 1 priest shoulders and the item I wanted from Domo – the Eye of Divinity! Benediction here I come!

Overall an poor week but was able to get some amusment out of it – hopefully things pick up in the week ahead!

Gormok the Impaler – We have been impaled.

July 13, 2010

Thats right. TOC. Or TOGC to be exact. On Sunday night we didn’t have the people to try new bosses in ICC so we picked up some pugs and went to TOGC 25.

First of all – I want to say that I felt squishy. Not that I was squishy. I was packing my mostly 264 gear and over 32k armor. Fully buffed I had 57k health.  With the ICC buff I’m used to rocking over 70k. So I felt a bit little – (although the last time I was in there I was probably around 42k or something similar).

Last time we were in there (and there was only 1 prior time) Gormok ate our faces. We were running 3 tanks back then and even with a rotation it just wasn’t enough to stay alive. I had my trusty Brewfest trinkets ready to go for that guy. However we always managed to have our 3rd tank die and Gormok died either right after that or it was a wipe. Regardless of if he died however we did within a few seconds of Acid and Dread spawning. It was brutal.

This time however we only had 2 tanks available. However we have a lot better gear than we did at that point in time. I took the first 5 impales – the next tank took the next 4 and then we went up to 3 if neccessary. It went smoothly.

There were 2 tanking gaffes all night and one wasn’t even an issue with the tanking. The other tank turned the kiting worm towards the raid on one attempt.  I managed to not pay attention to where Icehowl was on one the first time we reached him and got him to enrage. That was it for tanking errors.

On the other tries we had some serious issues with people knowing fight mechanics and paying attention. One person died almost every fight to the snowbolds. We lost a few people every fight from people standing in front of the kitable worm. People were slow on the Acidmaw debuff. And Icehowl continually ran into people.

People were running this with 245 gear. We are now running it in 264. And wiping.  Sad to say its not gear. This is  a prime example of a lack of skill. The fight mechanics havn’t changed – from normal to heroic there is very little difference – things hit harder and there is no speed burst during Icehowl.

Now I’m not saying that none of us have skill. I’d say that upwards of 15-18 people were doing it right most of the time. Hell – several of us cleared the place on 10 man (I’ve only run 10 TOGC twice – First time got stuck on Champions – second time only had 2 tries on Anub before we called it). But that is not enough. We need 25 solid players. Not 18. Definatly not 15. And without that many – 25 man fights will be beyond us.

Some of the pugs can be blamed. One guy had no money to repair. You can get the money to repair by doing 30 minutes of dailys every so often – or run the random a few times. But this guy astoundingly didn’t have it.  However the night can’t be blamed on the pugs. It was our core.

This is why I see us running two 10-man groups come expansion. We just don’t have the quality players to run the larger group. Maybe in the first raid teir – but definatly not beyond that. We have a 25% buff and we can’t down blood queen consistantly. That is inexcusable.

DPS aka The most important role in ICC

July 5, 2010

I have found, at least in my limited experience, that DPS if the most important role in ICC. 

I’ll tell you how I came to this conclusion.

Tanking in ICC normal is easy. Sure gear is neccessary to stay alive, but there is no real skill test in the place for an experienced tank. Can you target a mob and hit taunt or anything else to get aggro on it? Can you count to 9 and then have someone else taunt Festergut off of you? Can you stand in the same place as other tanks? Congratulations, your set to tank most of ICC! There is no fight where there are enough mobs or movement that make tanking a challenge.

Healing is a bit harder, but if  your compenent and with other competent healers, and people can move out of the fire, this is not really difficult anymore. Dispell some stuff and heal up whoever your assigned to. Dreamwalker is the healing race, so you are taxed there, however if  your dps is doing its job, your primarily healing the dragon/tanks.

DPS however has the most important job. Also the most difficult. You have to switch targets quickly to kill /tag things that are going to wipe the raid if ignored. Blood Beast, Kinetic Orbs, Blazing Skeletons, Frost Tombs, ect.  You have to be aware of your surroundings. You have to be aware of your debuffs. And you have to put out good numbers on your target. As an example, if blazing skeletons don’t die, the raid will, and quickly. This involves being aware that they are in the room, switching to them, and then putting out a nice amount of dps. Sounds simple, right?  I’ve seen it many times where it wasn’t.

Maybe I’m just jaded having done my job correctly on fights to have them be wiped by things not dying fast enough.  But I feel that the difference between a top guild and a guild of my level is the quality of the entire dps core. We have some people of that level, but to get to the heoric level – everyone needs to be.