Class flexibility – and why I believe you should have it.

Last night my guild downed (or upped)Dreamwalker for the first time on 25 man ( I know – we’re behind…I just can’t get people online most nights past Tuesday…). It was a big deal, especially to some of our paladin healers who have been itching to flex their healing muscle – (they did!).

It did take a pretty interesting strat to make it work however. We initially had 3 healers staying out and 5 jumping in. However that wasn’t working. So we went 4 and 4. We got overun. A healer had to leave. We brought another in. Still no success. After another healer had to go we picked up a guy who could tank, so I hearthed, respecced my off-spec from ret to holy and dug some gear out of the bank. I also took 30 seconds to reglyph.

Our next try was so-so. We got overun again. We had one try left in the night. We were getting overrun – but at the last moment, with half the raid dead, we healed up the big dragon and got a progression kill. I was 3rd in healing and would have potentially been higher had I set up my bars and remembered to judge something every so ofter for the haste buff.

Being flexible got my guild a progression kill. Not just focusing on my main spec and soley gathering tank gear has allowed me to step into whatever role my guild requires to get the job done.

In the past week I went ret when we picked up a new tank who does not have a solid ret set. I put up a nice amount of dps on an enrage kill of Blood Queen. Flexibility. If I was dead set on doing my one role we wouldn’t have had either kill this week (at least not as quickly – we would have started with BQ on Thursday if she didn’t die on Tues). Am I giving myself  a lot of credit? In this case yes, I am.  I played all 3 roles this week in 25 man ICC and I played them well – I performed better than several people who were playing their main spec.

But in short, I’m recommending you to have an off-spec. Something that your group can fall back on when everything else seems not to be working. But having it is only half the battle. You have to be competent with it. Run some heroics. Hit VOA up in the off spec. Get some work with it and gather up some gear to make it effective if its needed.

I can already hear the counter-argument. “But I don’t like xxxxxx” – (xxxxxxx primarily referring to healing for most people i’m sure…lol) Thats fine. It’s your money and time. If you don’t want to play a different way thats your own decision. But when you lose a tank/healer/dps and you don’t have someone to fill that role online your run will be called because there is no one to fill in. But if you have an off-spec of that role – you could fill in if there was someone online who was doing your current role. The run can continue.

But at that time, you need to decide what is more important to you – progressing thru a run or playing your perferred spec all the time.


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