DPS aka The most important role in ICC

I have found, at least in my limited experience, that DPS if the most important role in ICC. 

I’ll tell you how I came to this conclusion.

Tanking in ICC normal is easy. Sure gear is neccessary to stay alive, but there is no real skill test in the place for an experienced tank. Can you target a mob and hit taunt or anything else to get aggro on it? Can you count to 9 and then have someone else taunt Festergut off of you? Can you stand in the same place as other tanks? Congratulations, your set to tank most of ICC! There is no fight where there are enough mobs or movement that make tanking a challenge.

Healing is a bit harder, but if  your compenent and with other competent healers, and people can move out of the fire, this is not really difficult anymore. Dispell some stuff and heal up whoever your assigned to. Dreamwalker is the healing race, so you are taxed there, however if  your dps is doing its job, your primarily healing the dragon/tanks.

DPS however has the most important job. Also the most difficult. You have to switch targets quickly to kill /tag things that are going to wipe the raid if ignored. Blood Beast, Kinetic Orbs, Blazing Skeletons, Frost Tombs, ect.  You have to be aware of your surroundings. You have to be aware of your debuffs. And you have to put out good numbers on your target. As an example, if blazing skeletons don’t die, the raid will, and quickly. This involves being aware that they are in the room, switching to them, and then putting out a nice amount of dps. Sounds simple, right?  I’ve seen it many times where it wasn’t.

Maybe I’m just jaded having done my job correctly on fights to have them be wiped by things not dying fast enough.  But I feel that the difference between a top guild and a guild of my level is the quality of the entire dps core. We have some people of that level, but to get to the heoric level – everyone needs to be.


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