Gormok the Impaler – We have been impaled.

Thats right. TOC. Or TOGC to be exact. On Sunday night we didn’t have the people to try new bosses in ICC so we picked up some pugs and went to TOGC 25.

First of all – I want to say that I felt squishy. Not that I was squishy. I was packing my mostly 264 gear and over 32k armor. Fully buffed I had 57k health.  With the ICC buff I’m used to rocking over 70k. So I felt a bit little – (although the last time I was in there I was probably around 42k or something similar).

Last time we were in there (and there was only 1 prior time) Gormok ate our faces. We were running 3 tanks back then and even with a rotation it just wasn’t enough to stay alive. I had my trusty Brewfest trinkets ready to go for that guy. However we always managed to have our 3rd tank die and Gormok died either right after that or it was a wipe. Regardless of if he died however we did within a few seconds of Acid and Dread spawning. It was brutal.

This time however we only had 2 tanks available. However we have a lot better gear than we did at that point in time. I took the first 5 impales – the next tank took the next 4 and then we went up to 3 if neccessary. It went smoothly.

There were 2 tanking gaffes all night and one wasn’t even an issue with the tanking. The other tank turned the kiting worm towards the raid on one attempt.  I managed to not pay attention to where Icehowl was on one the first time we reached him and got him to enrage. That was it for tanking errors.

On the other tries we had some serious issues with people knowing fight mechanics and paying attention. One person died almost every fight to the snowbolds. We lost a few people every fight from people standing in front of the kitable worm. People were slow on the Acidmaw debuff. And Icehowl continually ran into people.

People were running this with 245 gear. We are now running it in 264. And wiping.  Sad to say its not gear. This is  a prime example of a lack of skill. The fight mechanics havn’t changed – from normal to heroic there is very little difference – things hit harder and there is no speed burst during Icehowl.

Now I’m not saying that none of us have skill. I’d say that upwards of 15-18 people were doing it right most of the time. Hell – several of us cleared the place on 10 man (I’ve only run 10 TOGC twice – First time got stuck on Champions – second time only had 2 tries on Anub before we called it). But that is not enough. We need 25 solid players. Not 18. Definatly not 15. And without that many – 25 man fights will be beyond us.

Some of the pugs can be blamed. One guy had no money to repair. You can get the money to repair by doing 30 minutes of dailys every so often – or run the random a few times. But this guy astoundingly didn’t have it.  However the night can’t be blamed on the pugs. It was our core.

This is why I see us running two 10-man groups come expansion. We just don’t have the quality players to run the larger group. Maybe in the first raid teir – but definatly not beyond that. We have a 25% buff and we can’t down blood queen consistantly. That is inexcusable.


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