A weak week

An unfortunalty poor week raiding…Cleared 5 bosses on Tuesday (first wing plus blood princes) – 17 showed up on Thursday and I couldn’t get on in time for raid on Sunday but it didn’t go again due to attendance. Its killer that we have the people to clear the instance (I strongly believe that) but we only get a few of them on any given day. There doesn’t seem to be a day where we can get everyone online to consistantly down bosses.

My plan to continue a raid lockout would be successful if we could get people to even show up on Tuesday. We’re struggling on that day as well. We downed BQ with a 20% buff now we can’t do it with 25%…something is very wrong.

What I did on the other days –

Thursday – Formed up an ICC10 – downed 9 bosses – cleared plauge and blood wings with only 3 wipes on putricide.  We even carried a shaman who dinged 80 that day. He was putting out 3-4k dps. It really shows the contrast of a good player from a bad.  A excellent 10 man night – come the expansion this really puts running 10 mans exclusivly in a very favorable light.

Sunday – logged on an hour late – no raid happened. But some guildies were running MC – so I logged onto my priest to join in – I’ve been wanting the Eye of Divinity for a while. However I found that I wasn’t attuned. This is the one toon that I apperently didn’t do the attunement on. So I decided to run in avoid mobs and click on the attunement. This however failed as I also apperently didn’t get the key on this guy. I was about to give up on it when I remembered that I had the brewfest remote that would port me to the bar! I was in MC within 5 minutes.

Cleared the whole instance in under an hour – got a few drops including the iconic Teir 1 priest shoulders and the item I wanted from Domo – the Eye of Divinity! Benediction here I come!

Overall an poor week but was able to get some amusment out of it – hopefully things pick up in the week ahead!


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