Scotch’s WOW BINGE – Saturday July 24th

My wife going to visit her friend a few hours away to help out with her baby while as her husband’s unit just got shipped out.  So I’ve decided to have a WOW binge night. I havn’t done this in a few years actually. She’ll leave in the morning and come back the next day so I’m planning on rocking out a WOW day.

Perhaps I should be glad she doesn’t leave too much…lol

But the question is what should I do? My choices:

1. Do an Ulduar 10 hard mode night – I did this one time the week before ICC – and we cleared up to Thorim on hard mode. And that was with a mix of 232 and 245 gear – we have 251/264 stuff . We should stomp it and with some work on Yogg mechanics could potentially get some drakes.

2. Do an ICC10 Burndown. With that much time we should get to Lich King and get some good work in on him. We’d need a solid crew like I had on Thursday, but this is also a viable choice.

3. Clear BWL – We’d need probably a minimum of 6 people for this but its a good time – get some people some teir 2!

4. Do 2v2 till I have a respectable team. My priest would need a solid partner but I’d like to get a decent team with a decent ranking

What do you think I should do?

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