Noob Number!

What is your guilds Noob Number? Mine is 30.

30% to be more specific. This is the Icecrown buff percentage needed for us to faceroll Blood Queen and Putricide.

Sure we killed BQ at 20% buff, but since then we’ve had turnover and a few of the dps just can’t perform to the level of those that are no longer showing up.  Honestly, with the group that was previously killing Blood Queen we could have probably eventually taken out the instance at 20% – but then attendance dropped and our noob number was raised from 20 to 30!

The last week the buff was at 25% we couldn’t kill BQ because at least one person was mentally incapable of biting correctly. Now at 30% buff we had 2 people get MC’ed and I was disconnected for the majority of the fight and we still downed her in one try. Doesn’t say much for our overall skill unfortunatly. It’s too bad too because we have 15-18 players currently who could sub into a hard mode guild and no one would be the wiser. However the lower end is so bad that we’re still suffering. But thanks to the ICC buff, even we may have the chance to get LK down.

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