Hard fights to tank…ICC

At this point there really is a lack of difficult tanking fights in ICC. The add fights are simple – with 3 tanks gathering the adds on every fight takes minimal work. They don’t come quickly – like on Gothik the  Harvester. And the room isn’t massive, which increases the difficulty of being the only tank on A’lar adds.

Almost every fight in the place that I’ve experienced requires tanking competency, but nothing overly difficult.

Most fights really seem like a dps check. Can your dps move out of bad stuff? Can it get the proper buff at the right time? Can it withhold aoe abilities if needed? And can it kill the boss fast enought that bad things don’t start happening to the raid?

Most tank skill required by boss I’ve faced (*I’ve never faced Lich King*) – Most difficult at the top

1. Putricide – Kiting, quick taunt rotation, burst threat, driving an abomination – Probably the highest skill level required for a tank not counting Lick King (which I have no experience with)

2. Princes (if you are the tank that needs to grab orbs and build threat) – Build threat on your target – but oh yeah…you have to use a limited rotation so you don’t prematurally kill your orbs. And you have to quickly target and get threat on them. This is more difficult if you don’t have someone bringing them to you.

3. Rotface Ooze tank – The skill is required to properly kite, which is not a normal tanking skill. Also raid awareness to avoid the ooze puddles.

4. Sindragosa – Tank switches and dropping of debuffs.

5. Festergut – Tank Switches. Slightly more difficult than Saurfang because cooldowns are required.

6. Saurfang – Frequent Tank switches.

7. Lady Deathwhisper -adds with Tank Switches.

8. Dreamwalker – adds

9. Marrowgar – Tank Stacking with Movement

10. Gunship – infrequent adds – another tank has to jump and hold a guy for a few seconds

11. Blood Queen – Grab her and stand there. Off tank stacks – very minimal movement away from fire.

12. Princes – (either of the other 2 tanks) grab a guy and stand there

13. Rotface – (non-add tank) Move during an ooze explosion or a slime spray…slightly.

For a tank, this place is a pushover compared to earlier encounters. Of course this is my own opinion – what would you change about my order?


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