Teamwork – Scotch’s rant

Based on my last post – you can probably tell that I’ve had a not-so-good week raiding. Last week we downed Blood Queen without much issue and we downed Putricide in a single try – this week we reached Putricid’s enrage. I did not even know he had an enrage.

Apperently he does.

We reached phase 3 with only 1 person dead. It seemed to take forever to get there, but I knew that we would down Putricide. However after kiting him for a bit in our tank rotation, I got 1-shot. I have 74k health fully buffed. I have over 36k armor. I don’t get 1-shot. Then I noticed the enrage.

Take one guess as to what was the cause.  Thats right – DPS.

Our tanking was solid – even with a healer turned phase 3 tank – he covered his end fine. Our healing was overall exceptional minus one exception. We basically 4 healed the entire fight with our 5th healer barely doing anything (ever see a disc priest not bubble anyone? I now have – my head hurts from beating it on my desk).

We had 4 people with sub-3500 dps. One of which was at 2700. WITH A 30% BUFF – can I stress that enough

A 30% BUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had 20 people working hard at downing the boss. I had 4 people who were unable for whatever reason to put up a respectable dps number. I had 1 person who for the life of me I was unable to tell what they were doing for the entire raid (the non-bubbling disc priest).

This is why I’m fully in support of the 10 man  raid size. I have 2 groups of 10 that could feasibly run and clear zones – These people are reliable and show up.

I don’t have 25. I do if everyone would show – but they don’t – so I’m left with people who can’t cover their end of the bargain. I need team players who can cover their end of the bargain for the team. A team is only as strong as its weakest member – and I’ve learned that this week.


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