So I’ve been playing my Hunter quite a bit lately. And I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve been gearing gradually and went with a marksman spec. I like the constant action of it as well as the minimal ramp-up time.

When I first leveled my priest to 80 I attempted to make that my strictly dps toon. However I found that I really didn’t like shadow dps. Too much of a ramp up. Dot, Dot, Dot, Mind Blast, Mindflay – renew dots, ect. Didn’t really ever get comfortable with it -I could get above 5k dps in voa, but it wasn’t that fun. So he’s now disc. Just disc.

My hunter however is a blast to play – quick dps on adds really has an impact – Serpent Sting, Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Silencing Shot, a random Steady Shot here and there, its a good time.

I picked up the Tanking gun for my hunter as soon as he hit 80. Was able to get it for a very low price from some guy in trade (1200). It was a huge step up from the BOA gun and I still havn’t seen anything comparable drop. Although the speed/stats are a bit weak on it I still am putting up competitive dps for my gear.

I’ve cleared 6 bosses in ICC 25 on him at this point, and managed to get the legs from Deathwisper and the chest from Fester. I’m hoping for new weapons and a belt in the near future – as well as a trinket.

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