Best piece of advice for DPS

My best piece of advice for dps is the ABC rule – “Always be Casting”

I’m sure there are specific instances where this won’t be optimal, however as a basic rule if you are sitting around not hitting buttons, you are not doing all of the dps possible.

My hunter is undergeared. He currently is sporting 2 blues (BOE blue belt and a hit trinket from HNexus) – He has a 219 melee weapon that I upgraded this morning from a 200 Epic.  He is rocking the Greatness trinket. He is rocking the tanking 264 gun. I have 3 piece teir 9 – gloves, shoulders, helm. And I’m beating people in dps. Some badly. And my DPS isn’t that great. But I’m constantly doing something.

I know my rotation. I know that chimera shot is the hardest hitting shot. If its not on cooldown it will be right again right away. I know my priority.

A big step is to know the rotation or priority and executing it. You may not be 100% optimal, but you’ll do a heck of a lot more dps than not doing it.
Just keep casting…

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