Extreme Soloing Project

I have begun a project where I will be running old raids and seeing what I can down on my own.

Tools at my disposal –
1. Dual Spec – I currently am running a Prot/Holy duel spec.

2. Gear –  I have mostly full 264 gear in my prot spec, excepting the armor ring from TOGC10  and the armor trinket from Putricide. My Holy set is similar but contains some mail items although I have 2-piece 251 teir 10.

3. Buffs – I run mostly in prot spec so I have Sanctuary up – When in holy I mostly run Wisdom as my buff of choice. I also have fort scrolls as well as the drums that give Mark of the Wild.

4. A guildy who forms a group with me then goes afk – bonus points if the guildie is an enchanter because I’m not (but when grouped with an enchanter you get the ability to DE – they don’t have to actually be there).

I’ve already begun downing a few bosses – more updates to follow.


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