Extreme Soloing -General Rejaxx

This fight requires virtually no explanation. You talk to an NPC and he starts the encounter. Waves of adds run at you with a sub-bos – you kill them. They all do something differnet, but none of them are that threatening at level 80. Also, if you are Friendly with Cenarion Circle – you get 200 hp per three second as well as a haste and AP buff from one of the NPC’s.

For the waves I threw up Seal of Command and burned them down. I took a little damage but the buff healed it right up. If I didn’t have it I’d have just cast a flash of light between waves.

After a few waves you get to General Rejaxx – He seems a bit more difficult due to a mechanic that reduces your health in half. This occurs when he does his knockback. However as I judged light on the General combined with the buff, I healed very quickly and was never in real danger. Dead boss – Looted


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