Extreme Soloing – Buru the Gorger

Buru was a more difficult fight.

The gimmick of this fight is you need to kite the boss on top of the eggs around the pool of water which is his “room”. Once on top of the eggs you kill the egg and it does some damage to him. This is the only way to hurt this boss until he is at 20%.

However he has a stacking bleed that he does when he catches up to you (in this fight its pretty much constant as there is no one else there) and when you kill an egg it does damage to you as well. Also an add spawns when an egg dies, although this is beneficial for BoS mana regen.

For this fight I had to be careful with my life. I put up Seal of Light as well as judged light on the eggs. Once I had to cast Lay on Hands on myself, but that was late in the fight so I had a lot of time to play with. This should be doable with signifigantly worse gear.

This was my first real challenge in AQ, but I still wasn’t worried about dying.


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