Quick updates –

1. Nothing new raid wise in my guild – we’ve downed nothing new in 25 ICC. However, I did get in on our heroic 10-progression group and helped them down Heroic Dreamwalker in my healing set. Got Portal Jockey as well.

2. In freelance news I managed to get an invite to another guilds Ulduar 25 run in progress and joined them on the Freya Hard Mode fight. Once again dusting off the little used holy set I managed to get the achievement – Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood – 25. Was great to be in a raid with people with some excellent awareness. However, I managed to die about halfway thru the attempt myself…(I’m normally a tank and that may be one of the most difficult awareness fights in the game – not the time to bust out a little used spec.)

3. In my extreme soloing project I cleared out ZG yesterday (minus Jindo and with once again…no mounts) – reports to follow.


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