Extreme Soloing – TRASH – Flesh Hunter in AQ20

Trash! – You’re covering trash?!?!? – Yes I need to cover this trash because you cannot solo this guy down with melee attacks.

Can’t do it. It’s not going to happen.

Why? He doesn’t hit that hard…

This guy has a special ability – Consume – the ooze actually eats you. If you are in melee range it sucks you into its body and does 10% of your total health every second  for 15 seconds. Divine shield breaks you out of it. Once. Every Man for Himself didn’t work. Hand of Freedom didn’t work. I didn’t die to bosses in AQ20 – I died to trash. I wasn’t ready for this.

But the guy will do a ranged attack if you are at range. So you don’t need to be in melee range with him. So you need to use ranged attacks.

But I’m a Paladin – I have a very limited ranged arsenal. So I went holy for this – that’s right – I changed specs for trash. Holy shock – extended range judgement – hasted exorcism – they gave me the firepower to take him down.

If you plan on soloing AQ 20 be prepaired to deal with these guys, or get adept at avoiding them. They can be found around Buru’s pool.


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