Extreme Soloing – Ayamiss the Hunter

This one was a PITA.

Ayamiss is in the air until brought down by ranged attacks at 70% health. While in the air he targets you and puts a stackable debuff called Poison Stinger that does 25 nature damage every second. WOWWiki states that it stacks to 100. From my attempt I can tell you it at least goes to 160 (this is where I bubbled it off). For those keeping score thats 4000dps.

Remember, I’m a paladin. I have very limited ranged capability. I am convinced that a prot pally is not capable of downing this guy. Why? Ayamiss stays over 20 yards away in the air. There is one damage ability that reaches this far that a prot pally has – Exorcism. Lets just say that with it’s cooldown. Not really viable when you don’t have seal/judgement of light healing available and a mana pool of around 5-6k. So I went holy.

As Holy I have an increased range judgement as well as Holy Shock. One problem. Holy shock only has an offensive range of 20 yards. Not enough. So there I was dpsing Ayamiss down with Judgement and Exorcism and healing myself up. Every so often the boss summons adds but concecration was enough to kill them.

After about 6-7 minutes I was able to get the guy down. It took less than a minute to kill him in this phase. Even as holy this guy is a pushover on the ground. Some classes will find this guy a lot easier. As a paladin I’m convinced only a holy paladin will have the staying power to get defeat this boss. Ret and prot just don’t have the ranged abilities combined with the healing needed.

As usual, the loot was junk – Loot – but as usual I got a few skill books that sell for 10G each


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