Extreme Soloing – ZG – High Priestess Jeklik – (BAT)

The bat boss…

This was the most difficult boss I faced in ZG all night. Why? Because paladins are one of the few classes without a short cooldown interrupt.

The boss starts in Bat form and occasionally summons some bats. I had to look this up as it went so fast I barely noticed it. That and the next part took so long I forgot about the first phase entirely.

At 50% the boss reverts to Troll form. In this form she has some Priest class abilities. Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Flay, Fear, and Greater Heal. As a prot paladin I could not get this guy down fast enough that a greater heal wouldn’t bring her up higher than before. Couple all of that with bat riders dropping fire onto the ground and this became very annoying very quickly.

Unfortunatly, that was the only quick thing about this. As the only interrupt that would effect this guy was my stun, and it was on a 40 second cooldown, I had only one hope. Stay alive until she had no mana. So that is exactly what I did. I threw up Seal of Light and Judged Light and waited while the boss cast her mana down to nothing. I had to keep kiting out of the fire bombs the bat riders were dropping.

So I had a lot of time on my hands to experiment. I learned that the Mind Flay this boss does is not a magic effect. It is a snare. Cleanse will not remove it but Hand of Freedom will. It will not only prevent the snare, but will cancel the cast. I also learned that Every Man for Himself will get you out of both the fear and the flay stopping its cast.

After 17 grueling minutes of this the boss finally dropped. Got a leet – Seal of the Gurubashi Berserker from this guy – always wanted one on my hunter at 60. Now it sells for gold!


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