Extreme Soloing – Most of ZG – and a brief foray into old school ranged weapons!

Half of the bosses in ZG are boring to solo – the majority of the bosses are tank and spank. Snake, Panther and Spider involved no strategy, just dps the bosses when available. As long as you clear the room, Raptor is the same way, but with a fear. I have not done the edge of madness yet, (but I will – I want the full ZG Paladin set before it goes away in the expansion), but I hear that it also is primarily tank and spank.

For your viewing pleasure – one of the most unique bows in the game, which you most likely have never seen – The Hoodoo Hunting Bow. This drops from Wushoolay in the Edge of Madness. I have never seen one in game, which is a shame as it has one of the most unique skins of any ranged weapon.

Completely unrelated to ZG – this is an old drop from BWL – The Dragonbreath Hand Cannon. It is from Ebonroc in BWL. My god! ITs a gun shaped like a red dragon head with a mouth that opens to reveal the barrel! Where are these skin designs now?!?!?!?

And finally – Larvae of the Great Worm. This is from AQ40. I’d love to get my hunter some of these unusual skinned ranged weapons – today’s big guns just don’t have the flair of these old ones!


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