Extreme Soloing – AQ 40 – The Prophet Skeram

I have ventured into AQ40 to attempt to see what could be resonably soloed. First up to even get into the actual temple, you need to get by the first boss in the raid instance – The Prophet Skeram.

This guy has a couple of abilities. One of the most annoying will not occur during a solo attempt – This guy formerly MC’ed people and that had to be contained by sheeps (not really any other workable cc back in those days, at least as not a reliable cc). Also, he did an arcane explosion when more than 4 people were in melee range – this will also not be a problem on a solo attempt.

What will be a problem on a solo attempt will be his earth shock ability. He will only cast this when somone is not actively meleeing him. However he will spawn 2 identical copies of himself and as there is only one of you the ones you are not meleeing will spam a 2k earth shock every second.

The first time I entered AQ40 on a solo attempt I learned that this ability would be the challenge. I have about 45k health on solo attempts (although I can self buff above 50k if neccessary). And each split lowered my health down almost the whole way. I could push thru the 75% health split with no cooldowns, however it was likely AD would proc. The 50% split would require a cooldown and the final split would be too much to overcome. I was able to push to the 3rd split at 25% health, but could not last thru it.

Enter my solution – Nature resistance. Like any good, long term, tank I have kept almost all of my resist sets. I have full Frost (level 80), Fire (level 70), and Nature (level 70) resist sets. I had a full Arcane resist set (level 70) but I got rid of most of it for bank space (and the fact that the only fight it ever came in handy on was the 2nd boss in magister’s terrace). I also have a few shadow resist pieces from BT (Neck and cloak). My nature set consist of the chest, helm , legs, and ring.  I also used the lesser flask of resistance and the druid buff drums.

This was a world of differnce. Even with the reduced tanking stats from the resist set, I was easily able to beat this boss without even using one cooldown. If you want to solo Skeram, get NR resist.


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