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November 13, 2012




August 22, 2010

I recieved my shield off of Blood Queen recently. That means I’m done with gear from all wings except from the Frostwyrm wing.

Hopefully we get some good attendance so I can land something solid.

I want new gear!

July 3, 2010

Still been several months without an upgrade.  There are no tanking upgrades from the first wing of ICC now for me. The only upgrades available in 10 man ICC for me come from the Lich King. The only upgrades avaialble from 25 man ICC are from the bosses we are not commonly downing.

Blood Queen has my Shield. I want it. Bad. But we’ve been downing her occasionally but still no shield.

We dont’ kill Putricide. He has the Last Word. I need a new tank weapon. Nuff said.

We just killed Dreamwalker – No Ring

Rotface has yet to drop his neck.

We have yet to try the big frost wyrm. Not even bothering to hope for the stam trinket.

Damn you RNG – Damn you.

I want new gear

April 14, 2010

I want new gear. However, the bosses we are facing don’t have much for me. I need the following from the first 7 guys:



Thats it. Bracers from the first boss in ICC 25, and a neck from Rotface. That is all I can look forward to until we get some progression. Blood Queen has a shield that looks amazing. Putricide holds a sweet mace. The dragons have a ring, boots, and trinket. However, we need progression!

So I must wait patiently for gear. Hopefully, this week will be our week when it comes to killing a new boss!

Raiding update

March 31, 2010

My guild downed the princes on Sunday and we got the Blood Queen down under 50% – hopefully more progress this week.

Blood Queen seemed pretty simple – just keeping the order of the bites down and managing raid damage – pretty easy stuff.

Updates and such

March 25, 2010

I haven’t had much time to put together my kung-fu set yet (no armor/health but a bunch of avoidance). I’m not sure how possible this set will be, but I’m willing to give it a go.  It would be nice to get a dodge trinket from ICC…but no luck yet.

Started working on the Three Princes in ICC 25 (If you could somehow kill 1 prince you’d have a Spin Doctors reference…boy am I not current) – got them to around 30% on 3 or 4 tries. Should have them down tonight if people show up.

Need some time to get some heroics down to finish up my 232/245 healing set on my Paladin. Sure, I enjoy priest healing far more, but I’m thinking Holy Light is just too good for a spam situation like Dreamwalker. Figured it would be useful for healer assistance on 25 man mode.

Chase items

March 18, 2010

Ever have any items that just refuse to drop? At various points in time I have had a few. In kara my chase drop was the Sherminar Great Ring. I never saw it drop in the 9 or so months I ran Kara across 2 toons. I have never seen a tank wear one. I honestly think it was something someone made up and wowhead believed it.

My new chase item is Lavanthor’s Talisman. I know…a 200 level blue. But it is necessary for the block rating gimmick set (look at if you need to know why this is important.)  I no longer am working towards killing herioc Anub where this set would be useful, however I still want the trinket. It is the only piece I need to finish the set. And damn it all, I will go back to heroic Anub when I complete this set.

The thing that kills me about this trinket is that I already had it. You heard right. I got it probably my first run and kept it in my bank for a few months. Never used it and eventually sold it near the end of Naxx. Then 3.2 came and with it the need for an unhittable set. So I began to run Heroic VH when I could. However, Lavanthor never seemed to show up. I kept getting everyone else in there but him. And on the off chance that Lavanthor did show, he’d drop his axe or his boots.  I have fought him at least 6 or seven times I think, and every time its one of those two. And he only has 3 drops!

To add insult to injury, it seems that every scrub tank I run into while playing on my priest has the thing. And I know very well that when they get ANYTHING else, they will replace it.

Someday Lavanthor…someday…

I’m a Ninja!

March 16, 2010

I have several toons I play – a max level paladin, a priest, a mid 70’s hunter I can’t bring myself to level up, and a rogue.

I actually have 2 rogues on my account, both on the same realm. I leveled the first to level 18, and there he sits. I didn’t like him, so I didn’t play him. I liked his name, Slovotsky (a favorite character from a series of novels I used to read), but I didn’t like him. He looked similar to my Paladin. He was a human, who I specced into the combat tree. He sits in the inn in Lakeshire, and probably will until I delete him.

However, I shortly therafter created a new rogue. This one I liked. He is a dwarf. There really are very few dwarf rogues so I named him Rarity. And I like him. I leveled him to 18 as combat, then decided I wanted to feel more “Roguey” so I respecced to a Sublety build. I absolutly love it. I’m level 25 now and find myself playing him more.

Stealth is amazingly fun. I glyphed ambush for increased ranged. I glyphed pick pockets for increased ranged. I specced Dirty Tricks for increased sap range. I’m a freaking ninja and love it.

Paladin Abilities you are not using – Sense Undead

March 13, 2010

Every class has a few abilities that just are not used very much. For example, my hunter alt probably used aspect of the beast maybe twice while leveling on a PVP server. Overall however, in the PVE game, where else would you use this? To raise melee damage?

Paladins have a few of these underutilized abilities. Some are not used at level 80 because they are replaced. Some are not used during the leveling process and forgot about.

One such ability is Sense Undead. This ability was one that paladins recieve at level 20, however, for the longest time, just don’t use, especially if they have a gathering profession, as tracking herbs/ore turns off Sense Undead. All it does is mark any undead nearby on the minimap with a red dot. A minor glyph buffs this ability to grant an additional 1% damage vs. undead. Unglyphed this has limited functionality.

Around level 20, there are not a lot of undead mobs outside of instances.  There are a few, but not an exceptionally large amount. Some in Duskwood, and some most likley in the Blood Elf starting region (never played it, but I’ve been to the zone, I’m sure there are some there). I know that during my leveling experience, the need to know where undead were was not something that came up.

The unglyphed ability is useful primarily for Prot paladins as a tool for pulling, allowing them to know the location of patrols. I have found this especially useful for pulling the dog mini-bosses in ICC. However, if your not a tank, your not supposed to be pulling. Ret gets some use from the glyph for extra dps, but if you level ret (which used to be the primary way to level a pally) once again your not pulling.

I remember using this ability to a limited extent when running Kara at level 70, as a few of the mobs were undead, especially on the lower levels of the instance. Also, this would have been useful for a pally tank at level 60, but there really wern’t pally tanks at level 60. Elsewehere it had little use.

If this ability didn’t have the minor glyph that buffed damage against undead, most paladins still wouldn’t be using it.

ICC tanking and not falling asleep – Part 1!

March 12, 2010

I raid late. It happens. My schedule used to have me up to 4am est and raiding from 11:30pm to 2-230am wasn’t a big deal.  Now I raid then immediatly hop into bed.  So now, with my slightly earlier schedule, it is easier to be really tired by the time the raid is wrapping up.  Fortunatly, for my raid group, the fights in ICC are interesting enough to keep me awake.

I’ve only cleared 6 guys in ICC to this point and attempted 7 (I went on my alt priest as a healer to attempt Valithria Dreamwalker – no success, but a really fun fight.) But the bosses I have done actually make the tank perform.

For example:

Morrowgar – Tanks have to continually reposition and stack not the most difficult of fights, but engaging – Level 2

Lady Deathwisper – Tanks have to gain control of several adds at a time,  sometimes kite adds, and run a taunt rotation on phase 2.  Once again a level 2 fight.

Gunship Battle – One tank jumps over and grabs the enemy commander then jumps back. The other tanks grab adds.  Even with the requirement of using the jetpack this really is a Level 1 tanking fight.  Nothing remotely difficult even for a very new tank.

Deathbringer Saurfang – Tanks have to taunt off each other when one gets a debuff otherwise Saurfang heals. Watch aoe when bloodbeast spawn – That is the whole fight. Due to the importance of the taunting this would be a level 2 fight.

Festergut – Now this guy hits hard! I have been hit by him for over 30k when he has inhaled all of the gas in the room. Definatly a gear check. But also a skill check. When you are getting crushed for huge hits are your cooldowns ready for it? Are you helping out the other tank who is getting crushed for those hits? As a paladin, when the other tank on this fight is tanking the boss after 3 inhales I drop a Hand of Sacrifice on him to lessen the blows, as well as when the raid gets hit with Pungent Blight, I drop Divine Sacrifice to lessen raid damage by 20%, which will keep raid members alive if they missed a spore for any reason.

 He drops a stacking buff on you that increases the damage the tank does by 10% per stack. But at 10 stacks you blow up and basically wipe the raid.  Due to this being a dps race, as the tank, you want 9 stacks so that you can optimize dps.  At 9 stacks the other tank taunts off. What makes this interesting is that once you are taunted off of you need to stop producing threat so you don’t steal aggro – get your 10th debuff – and wipe the raid.  But you want to drop as much dps on the boss as possible. Leaving your tanking “stance” is necessary. Also, a Hand of Salvation can really allow  you to open up right at the onset.  Due to the importance of the tank in this fight, I would rank this a level 3 tanking fight.

Rotface – If your tanking the boss, this is a level 1 fight – stand there – run your rotation. If your kiting the add, this becomes a level 3 fight. You have to be close enough to the large ooze to keep aggro on it, however you need to be far enough away to not get hit for huge amounts of damage.  Also, keeping awareness of the room with the slime pulls keeps you on your toes.

As I try out new bosses, I’ll bring out part 2!