Extreme Soloing Project

August 31, 2010

I have begun a project where I will be running old raids and seeing what I can down on my own.

Tools at my disposal –
1. Dual Spec – I currently am running a Prot/Holy duel spec.

2. Gear –  I have mostly full 264 gear in my prot spec, excepting the armor ring from TOGC10  and the armor trinket from Putricide. My Holy set is similar but contains some mail items although I have 2-piece 251 teir 10.

3. Buffs – I run mostly in prot spec so I have Sanctuary up – When in holy I mostly run Wisdom as my buff of choice. I also have fort scrolls as well as the drums that give Mark of the Wild.

4. A guildy who forms a group with me then goes afk – bonus points if the guildie is an enchanter because I’m not (but when grouped with an enchanter you get the ability to DE – they don’t have to actually be there).

I’ve already begun downing a few bosses – more updates to follow.


Badge farming is hard

August 26, 2010

Badge farming is hard as a dps. I waiting in queue for 20 minutes to land in a HTOC5 man at the last boss. Sure it took 4 minutes, but that was a combined 25 minutes for 3 badges. I’d like a few more from that queue. Tear.

Best piece of advice for DPS

August 24, 2010

My best piece of advice for dps is the ABC rule – “Always be Casting”

I’m sure there are specific instances where this won’t be optimal, however as a basic rule if you are sitting around not hitting buttons, you are not doing all of the dps possible.

My hunter is undergeared. He currently is sporting 2 blues (BOE blue belt and a hit trinket from HNexus) – He has a 219 melee weapon that I upgraded this morning from a 200 Epic.  He is rocking the Greatness trinket. He is rocking the tanking 264 gun. I have 3 piece teir 9 – gloves, shoulders, helm. And I’m beating people in dps. Some badly. And my DPS isn’t that great. But I’m constantly doing something.

I know my rotation. I know that chimera shot is the hardest hitting shot. If its not on cooldown it will be right again right away. I know my priority.

A big step is to know the rotation or priority and executing it. You may not be 100% optimal, but you’ll do a heck of a lot more dps than not doing it.
Just keep casting…


August 22, 2010

I recieved my shield off of Blood Queen recently. That means I’m done with gear from all wings except from the Frostwyrm wing.

Hopefully we get some good attendance so I can land something solid.


August 21, 2010

So I’ve been playing my Hunter quite a bit lately. And I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve been gearing gradually and went with a marksman spec. I like the constant action of it as well as the minimal ramp-up time.

When I first leveled my priest to 80 I attempted to make that my strictly dps toon. However I found that I really didn’t like shadow dps. Too much of a ramp up. Dot, Dot, Dot, Mind Blast, Mindflay – renew dots, ect. Didn’t really ever get comfortable with it -I could get above 5k dps in voa, but it wasn’t that fun. So he’s now disc. Just disc.

My hunter however is a blast to play – quick dps on adds really has an impact – Serpent Sting, Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Silencing Shot, a random Steady Shot here and there, its a good time.

I picked up the Tanking gun for my hunter as soon as he hit 80. Was able to get it for a very low price from some guy in trade (1200). It was a huge step up from the BOA gun and I still havn’t seen anything comparable drop. Although the speed/stats are a bit weak on it I still am putting up competitive dps for my gear.

I’ve cleared 6 bosses in ICC 25 on him at this point, and managed to get the legs from Deathwisper and the chest from Fester. I’m hoping for new weapons and a belt in the near future – as well as a trinket.

Teamwork – Scotch’s rant

August 7, 2010

Based on my last post – you can probably tell that I’ve had a not-so-good week raiding. Last week we downed Blood Queen without much issue and we downed Putricide in a single try – this week we reached Putricid’s enrage. I did not even know he had an enrage.

Apperently he does.

We reached phase 3 with only 1 person dead. It seemed to take forever to get there, but I knew that we would down Putricide. However after kiting him for a bit in our tank rotation, I got 1-shot. I have 74k health fully buffed. I have over 36k armor. I don’t get 1-shot. Then I noticed the enrage.

Take one guess as to what was the cause.  Thats right – DPS.

Our tanking was solid – even with a healer turned phase 3 tank – he covered his end fine. Our healing was overall exceptional minus one exception. We basically 4 healed the entire fight with our 5th healer barely doing anything (ever see a disc priest not bubble anyone? I now have – my head hurts from beating it on my desk).

We had 4 people with sub-3500 dps. One of which was at 2700. WITH A 30% BUFF – can I stress that enough

A 30% BUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had 20 people working hard at downing the boss. I had 4 people who were unable for whatever reason to put up a respectable dps number. I had 1 person who for the life of me I was unable to tell what they were doing for the entire raid (the non-bubbling disc priest).

This is why I’m fully in support of the 10 man  raid size. I have 2 groups of 10 that could feasibly run and clear zones – These people are reliable and show up.

I don’t have 25. I do if everyone would show – but they don’t – so I’m left with people who can’t cover their end of the bargain. I need team players who can cover their end of the bargain for the team. A team is only as strong as its weakest member – and I’ve learned that this week.

The relevance of head wounds

August 6, 2010

Have you ever had a night where you just bashed your head against bosses and failed horribly?

Ever have a day where no matter what you did – you couldn’t get your group thru a boss…

I just had 2.

My head is bleeding.

Everlasting Underspore Frond is the best item ever.

August 2, 2010

For a prot pally, this item rocks.  Everlasting Underspore Frond  is the only BC level item I still carry around.


It gives me a stack of 10 Underspore Pods – these things are permanent – not conjured items so I’m usually carrying a 20 stack around. 

They restore 4410 health (pretty much usless when I’m at over 70k health in ICC) but it does restore 4410 mana as well. That is the fantastic part. When your mana pool is around 5k – thats a solid resource for when you find yourself short of mana and without a mage and don’t have a purchased stack of water on you.

You get this from a Sporeggar quest – you have to touch a plant after the first boss in the Underbog.  You can get it in your low 60’s and if your a low mana pool class like a prot or ret paladin you can reliably use this at level 80.  I’d recommend that if you are a low mana pool class to take the 10-15 minutes it takes to go grab this – with the low scaling of non-healing paladins mana pool you may still have a use for this at 85.

Corrupted Ashbringer

July 28, 2010

I just read an article entitled “Gear as Enemy” over at Troll Racials are Overpowered – Give it a read. In it Klepsacovic talks about how it would be an interesting addition to have gear work against you – similar to the ring in The Lord of the Rings.

I remember one item that actually does that in WOW – the Corrupted Ashbringer. One of the effects of the sword is the will of the ashbringer. This literally makes you darker in color (not as dark as shadowform) and makes you hostile to the Argent Dawn (as well as friendly with the Scarlet Crusade). It also starts a cut scene in the SM Cathedral. You can watch it on You Tube and I would recommend doing so.

What is disappointing is that this weapon is no longer available. It dropped from the original Naxx 40 man. And not from an easy boss either (not that there were easy bosses there) – it dropped from the four horsemen. Very few people saw Naxx at 60. Even less downed the horsemen. And it was a random drop so not many people at all had a chance to see this personally.

I’d love to see a few more items like this. This is one of the few items that was not re-hashed in some way when the remade Naxx for level 80.

Hard fights to tank…ICC

July 26, 2010

At this point there really is a lack of difficult tanking fights in ICC. The add fights are simple – with 3 tanks gathering the adds on every fight takes minimal work. They don’t come quickly – like on Gothik the  Harvester. And the room isn’t massive, which increases the difficulty of being the only tank on A’lar adds.

Almost every fight in the place that I’ve experienced requires tanking competency, but nothing overly difficult.

Most fights really seem like a dps check. Can your dps move out of bad stuff? Can it get the proper buff at the right time? Can it withhold aoe abilities if needed? And can it kill the boss fast enought that bad things don’t start happening to the raid?

Most tank skill required by boss I’ve faced (*I’ve never faced Lich King*) – Most difficult at the top

1. Putricide – Kiting, quick taunt rotation, burst threat, driving an abomination – Probably the highest skill level required for a tank not counting Lick King (which I have no experience with)

2. Princes (if you are the tank that needs to grab orbs and build threat) – Build threat on your target – but oh yeah…you have to use a limited rotation so you don’t prematurally kill your orbs. And you have to quickly target and get threat on them. This is more difficult if you don’t have someone bringing them to you.

3. Rotface Ooze tank – The skill is required to properly kite, which is not a normal tanking skill. Also raid awareness to avoid the ooze puddles.

4. Sindragosa – Tank switches and dropping of debuffs.

5. Festergut – Tank Switches. Slightly more difficult than Saurfang because cooldowns are required.

6. Saurfang – Frequent Tank switches.

7. Lady Deathwhisper -adds with Tank Switches.

8. Dreamwalker – adds

9. Marrowgar – Tank Stacking with Movement

10. Gunship – infrequent adds – another tank has to jump and hold a guy for a few seconds

11. Blood Queen – Grab her and stand there. Off tank stacks – very minimal movement away from fire.

12. Princes – (either of the other 2 tanks) grab a guy and stand there

13. Rotface – (non-add tank) Move during an ooze explosion or a slime spray…slightly.

For a tank, this place is a pushover compared to earlier encounters. Of course this is my own opinion – what would you change about my order?